Night Lenses

Lenses All Night. No Specs In The Day.*

Freedom from glasses, daytime contact lenses and laser eye surgery!

Night lenses are contact lenses that naturally and harmlessly correct your short-sighted vision while you sleep. Pop them in at bedtime, go to sleep, take them out when you wake and have perfect sight all day.

They are specially designed contact lenses you wear while you sleep, that gently and comfortably reshape the front of your eye, correcting your short-sighted vision. This is a safe and non-invasive process that allows you to wake up with clear vision that lasts throughout the day with quick results!

The results last as long as you keep wearing the lenses each night – if you stop using them your eyesight will go back to how it was before and you can safely wear your glasses again.

*Night Lenses results may vary depending upon suitability. Each patient needs an assessment with one of our optometrists to assess their suitablity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure that Night Lenses will work for me?

As long as your prescription is within the guidelines your vision should be corrected and you maintain nightly contact lens wear. Night lenses are only suitable for short-sighted people and not for those who are long-sighted.

Night lenses work for Myopia (short sight) between -1.00 and -5.00 with small amounts of astigmatism.

They were actually invented around 20 years ago, but they are only really starting to take off now. Technology and fitting has vastly improved so results are very achievable.

Your eye will maintain its shape and vision for at least 48 hours, but they need to be used nightly for full effect. Some patients are aware that their perfect vision may be less than perfect towards the end of the day if they miss a night.

 Laser surgery isn’t reversible. It’s a good way of testing whether laser surgery might be for you.

There is an initial fitting fee (non-refundable) and if you are successful, the lenses and treatment are paid on a monthly direct debit scheme. If for whatever reason, you wish to cease wear of night lenses, you return the lenses and we cancel the direct debit.

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